Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery Engineering Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery Engineering Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a 1999 Thailand Zhengda Group investment subordinate enterprises, is specialized in developing and manufacturing grain machine ring mold, roller company, absorbed and the introduction of the international most advanced ring mold processing technology, processing equipment is the most advanced high precision four axis deep hole gun with German technology and drilling the largest vertical vacuum quenching furnace, with the design of ring die precise and advanced processing technology.

Shanghai Zhengyi ring mold manufacturing with high size precision, long wear life, granulating quality high and discharging smooth etc.. The use of performance and productivity are better than similar ring die. Suitable for producing all kinds of poultry, livestock, aquatic products, sawdust, fertilizer granules. Also produces a variety of domestic and foreign specifications of high-quality roller, roller broken series products. Can also be customized according to customer's technical requirements.

1- ring die: diameter 320 1350mm, aperture φ 1 - 18mm;
2-: 150305mm crushing roller diameter, length 8001830mm;
Roller and roller assembly 3- pressure: applicable to foreign and domestic different granulating machine model.
The other 4 parts: roller assembly parts, cutter, bearing, wear ring, hoop etc..

Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery Engineering Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is the feed particle machine die and roller and pressure roller, ring die forgings, pressure roller assembly, eccentric shaft, wear ring products such as professional production and processing of foreign enterprises, the company is headquartered in Shanghai city Songjiang District, Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery Engineering Technology Manufacturing Co., the company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Shanghai Zhengyi Machinery Engineering Manufacturing Co., the company's integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all circles to visit Shanghai Zhengyi machinery engineering manufacturing limited company to visit, guidance and business negotiation.